A. Bran


A. Bran: ″As a beer drinker, I know a sentence, a last one. I also know that this thing almost never works. After one beer, you are buying a ticket to beer train, walking from first train wagon till last one. Idea was to create a character as a train captain that rolling with different beer shapes and tastes, exploring evening, and going who knows where…″
 I’m A.Bran- interactive illustrator from Lithuania, currently based in Porto, Portugal. I’m freelancer with around 10 years of experience, i work with all kinda medias like: illustration, interactive design, murals, tattoos, scenography, animation, sculptures,exhibitions, art direction, advertisement. When you work with a lot medias its hard to keep same style, because mood and mission  for different places is changing, so most important thing for me is idea. I love simplicity, humor and symbols, only after that i’m focus on technics, and visual style. Currently i,m exploring Portuguese art scene and nature around here, spending a lot of time in studio and working on future projects.