Our Story

The Tee-Tales platform was started by a number of passionate fashion and art lovers with the vision of bringing charesmatic and inspiring artists from around the globe under a common umbrella to produce wearable art that tells a story. 

Tee-Tales functions as a central t-shirt exhibition platform. With a new theme each time, artists/illustrators are invited to present their own narrative within a specific, yet at the same time broadly defined, ambiguous context. Each artist attempts to challenge or extend the boundaries of the theme. Each t-shirt design tells a tale – funny, clever, ambiguous, aesthetically interesting. Hence the name Tee-Tales, as well as the central slogan – #wearyourtale

The first theme was beer. The artists were asked to give their own perspective on this specific theme. The result was a mosaic of t-shirts beers. Funny, ambiguous, aestetically interesting. But with one common feature: the passion for beer and art